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Nevels & Associates is a modern day, full service office located conveniently just blocks from Interstate 75…. Northern Kentucky’s own, Attorney Kris M. Nevels has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of injured men and women. After attending Eastern KY University on a football scholarship and earning defensive captain honors and a B.A. in Paralegal Science, he attended Salmon P. Chase College of Law at NKU, graduated with his Juris Doctor, was admitted to the KY Bar, and established his law practice in the Northern KY/ Greater Cincinnati region.

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I know how frustrating it can be when you choose a law firm based on the lawyer you see on a commercial or website, looking forward to meeting him or her, only to be shuffled off to a paralegal or a different lawyer when you arrive for your consultation. I promise when you hire Kris M. Nevels as your attorney, you will meet with me personally. I believe that you, as a client, are entitled to accessible, responsible, and reliable service. You can rest assured that I will give your concerns my personal attention, by meeting you at your convenience and by returning your calls promptly and consistently. Give me a call…I look forward to helping you.

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PERSONAL INJURY: It is very important that you speak with a Kris M. Nevels, an attorney experienced with personal injury cases as soon as possible. Insurance companies have teams of attorneys who begin working to discredit your claim the moment they are notified of a motor vehicle accident, so it is important that we begin gathering evidence immediately to combat them.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: At Nevels & Associates we will employ all of the resources necessary to win your case. From conducting witness interviews in order to obtain beneficial statements for your defense, to hiring private investigators and tracking down work or phone records to prove an alibi for you…I stand up for your rights.

FAMILY LAW: At Nevels & Associates we understand that family law cases are uniquely stressful and can take a heavy emotional toll on you. In these highly personal disputes, you need to rely on a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who knows how to protect your time with your child, your assets, and your peace of mind. Make sure you are fully protected by calling Kris M. Nevels for legal services

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