Criminal Defense:

A criminal accusation can have a lasting impact on your friends, your family, your career, and your future and should not be taken lightly. Being charged with a crime can lead to large fines, probation, or even jail time. When you find yourself facing a situation like this, your best defense is a great offense, crafted by a knowledgeable and tenacious attorney like Kris M. Nevels.

At Nevels & Associates we will employ all of the resources necessary to win your case. From conducting witness interviews in order to obtain beneficial statements for your defense, to hiring private investigators and tracking down work or phone records to prove an alibi for you…I stand up for your rights. The prosecution will come at you with an arsenal of tricks but I come fully prepared to combat them.

Whether the allegations against you relate to a DUI, Drug Possession/Trafficking, Assault, Theft-Related Offense, Sex Crime, or any other number of criminal charges, I am ready to challenge anything thrown your way. You only get one chance to defend yourself…don’t waste it.
At your very first consultation, Attorney Nevels can inform you about your legal options and the likely outcome of pursuing each option (based on available evidence, prior criminal history and other factors). Then, he will work with you to fight your criminal charges in court or otherwise resolve them in the manner most favorable to you. Kris M. Nevels has the knowledge and experience to know when to negotiate a plea agreement on your case, and the tenacity to take your case to trial and fight for a not guilty verdict on your behalf.

At Nevels & Associates, we handle a wide range of criminal cases, including:

• Traffic Offenses and Driving-Related Charges
• Drunk Driving (DUI and OVI)
• Theft and Burglary
• Drug Charges, including Possession and Trafficking
• Assault and other Violent Crimes
• Domestic Violence Issues
• Juvenile Offenses
• Criminal Mischief and Property Destruction
• Probation Violations
• Sex Offenses
• Other Misdemeanors and Felonies

We also guide clients through the diversion process, provide pre-indictment defense representation, and help individuals explore their options for felony and misdemeanor expungement.
We maintain strong communication with our clients, keeping them informed about any new developments in their cases. Our approach has a history of getting the best results for our clients — contact us today to start discussing your case.

Do not wait to contact Nevels & Associates. We will protect your rights and preserve your future. Call us at 859-491-2206 or contact our Kris M. Nevels online to schedule a consultation.

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